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Surveillance systems

Vision offers a solution for real-time sound monitoring, both indoors and outdoors. Using beamforming, they detect the direction and power of sounds, allowing for spatial mapping of noise.

These systems can be integrated with vision mechanisms to display data directly on a device. Acoustic cameras monitor sound activities, detecting unusual events and sending real-time alerts.

This allows operators to “see” sounds very accurately, useful in various sectors such as construction and machine diagnostics. They can also be used for national security, detecting events such as explosions and gunfire in open spaces, or sound traces of drones in sensitive environments.

Acoustic cameras are discreet, operate continuously, and offer great flexibility. Therefore, Vision can operate in these sectors:

Public security

Detection and tracking of threats in open environments, including high-noise areas such as squares, stations, stadiums, airports, and shopping centers.

Critical infrastructures

Detection and defense against drones and snipers in airports, prisons, and sensitive sites.


Monitoraggio remoto in diversi ambienti

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