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Innovative safety technology

O-Land is designed for the collection, monitoring, and analysis of data from various detection sources to ensure a complete and real-time view of the territory.

The O-Land system leverages the integration of technologically innovative devices, including sensors, satellites, and drones, to acquire detailed and reliable information. Through a complex analysis system, all data is updated and processed in real-time, allowing the generation of interpretative models capable of predicting natural developments of the territory or analyzed elements, as well as anomalous behaviors that could endanger the population and the environment.

O-Land offers targeted decision support in three fundamental application domains:

Coast and sea

Constantly monitors coastal areas to prevent potential environmental disasters and protect the marine ecosystem.

Hydrological risk

Manages and minimizes risks related to hydrogeological events, thanks to advanced monitoring and forecasting tools.

Critical infrastructures

Monitors vital infrastructure, ensuring efficient management and a rapid response to threats.

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