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O-SPACE is an innovative modular system designed to detect sources of ultraviolet (UV) light in the wavelength range from 200nm to 300nm. This system operates in the “solar blind” band, excluding contributions from solar radiation, reducing background noise, and the false positive rate compared to other wavelength bands such as infrared and thermal.

Unlike conventional UV detection systems that use solid-state devices like CCD or CMOS, O-SPACE employs more sensitive and faster devices, operating in photon counting mode. This significantly improves performance in terms of detection range, false positive rate, and tracking accuracy.

O-SPACE is ideal for space applications requiring UV monitoring generated by physical phenomena such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections (CMEs), the study of the Earth’s ionosphere, satellite drag analysis, and geomagnetic storm prediction. O-SPACE detection capabilities are suitable for many space applications such as:

CME detection

UV sensors detect UV emissions, enabling early warnings and a better understanding of solar flare trajectories.

Studies on the ionosphere

The ionosphere responds intensely to solar UV radiation. By monitoring UV levels, detailed measurements of ionospheric variations are obtained.

Analysis of satellite conditions

UV sensors monitor the conditions of satellites in low Earth orbit, assisting satellite operators in necessary adaptations.

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