Products Hyperscaling system


Safety and Contagion Limitation

UV-San is the comprehensive, flexible, and secure system for sanitizing high-risk contagion environments. It utilizes the germicidal efficacy of ultraviolet light and intelligent management architecture to constantly monitor the risk of contamination and ozone within a given environment.

Its advantages include:

Advanced Sanitization

"UV-San harnesses UV-C radiation to deactivate viruses and bacteria, minimizing the human risk associated with traditional sanitization methods.

Real-Time Monitoring

The system constantly monitors the sanitization level and ozone production, ensuring maximum safety for operators and targeted planning of sanitization operations.


UV-San is suitable for a wide range of high-risk environments, such as hospitals, schools, transportation vehicles, and public offices.

Proven Efficiency

Laboratory studies demonstrate the effectiveness of UV-C radiation against key viruses, ensuring maximum safety.

Speed and Sanitization Tracking

UV-San is a system that ensures sanitization tracking and high-speed operation.

System tested directly on the virus

UV-San guarantees maximum sanitization from the Covid-19 virus as it has been specifically tested and trialed on it.

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