Established in 2014, OMICA is the result of merging valuable experiences and expertise from a team of professionals dedicated to designing and implementing complex systems in the Space & Defense and ICT sectors.

Our company stands out for developing highly technological management systems that operate in strategic business application areas, with exceptional performance optimizing the use of economic and environmental resources, embracing a perspective of sustainability.


In a world where numerous studies identify global threats to the survival of our planet and, consequently, humanity itself—such as climate change, soil depletion, water stress, unstable regions, cyber threats, wars, and more—we at OMICA apply technological innovation to intelligent management systems to transform risk into opportunity.

Nations, businesses, and all economic actors can seize this opportunity to redefine their roles and value chains, adopting artificial intelligence as a new user interface in the use of future platforms. We at OMICA position ourselves at the forefront of this revolution, enabling the embrace of a sustainable and prosperous future through the wise use of new technologies.

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