Technological research for industrial innovation

Advanced consultancy and prototyping

Technological research is a fundamental element for creating innovative products and services through a knowledge transfer process across different sectors.

OMICA provides high-value engineering consulting services to all clients interested in bringing innovation into their companies, and, if requested, up to prototype development through the following phases:

OMICA develops high-tech prototypes that involve the use of both off-the-shelf and custom-developed components, and interaction with existing systems. In particular, it operates in:



Integration and verification

Implementation of intelligent data analysis and management systems


OMICA creates high-tech prototypes that involve the use of commercial components and specially developed ones for interacting with existing systems, particularly operating in:

Development of tools and components for future space missions

Development of high-sensitivity detection systems.

Development of monitoring systems based on innovative sensors.

Industrial prototyping

OMICA also engages in industrial prototyping, particularly of systems and products intended for mass production and subsequent installation. Despite its complexity, this process allows for verifying the final product’s compliance with the initial specifications and testing its ease of manufacturing, reproduction, and scalability, thereby highlighting any necessary modifications for improved results.

Prototyping also enables precise design and implementation of production lines and standardization of processes to achieve final products at lower costs and with greater reliability.

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