Strategic Networking and Trade Shows

OMICA operates in what is currently considered one of the most promising markets for expansion, particularly stimulated by government policies following recent international conflicts involving our continent.

To achieve high-margin benefits and profits from the company’s skills, performance, and productions in such a context, a series of commercial initiatives and networking are indispensable to enhance its international operations, particularly in the Aerospace sector where Omica operates. Given the sector’s high specialization, it exhibits a relatively low level of competition, with most partnerships managed through a structured system of professional and personal relationships. For this reason, OMICA intends to consistently attend the most important trade events associated with growth objectives.

In the Aerospace sector, trade shows remain one of the primary moments for meeting and engaging with the most significant players in the market. In this context, Omica positions itself as a partner with consolidated expertise and simultaneously flexible, adept at meeting the demands for rapid and efficient response times. Consequently, a structured growth path has been identified to implement a solid foundation for business development, with programming already underway. International trade events are essential for maintaining existing partnerships and commercial relationships. Indeed, the esteemed innovation of Omica’s systems and products has already secured solid collaborations with ESA, AIAD, THALES, and other companies.

The coming decade will be particularly stimulated by economic policies and financial support that various governments have already promoted and will continue to promote in the Aerospace sector. OMICA aims to strategically leverage this positive momentum to increase its market share significantly, leading to a substantial increase in revenue.

Within the next 5 years, OMICA aims to become one of the main references in the field of complex systems in aerospace and the leading authority in high-performance sensor development in the ultraviolet spectrum, applicable to various operational contexts for key market players. This ambition is supported by a high level of specialization and operational flexibility.

Thanks to the work done so far, OMICA will be able to offer a flexible commercial proposition tailored to different operational needs, especially through direct and constant engagement with end customers. In the past, particularly in Italy, the development of innovative technologies has been hindered by various sector-specific factors. OMICA has assessed these obstacles and implemented a marketing strategy aimed at overcoming them, turning them into support for its offerings.

The participation of Omica srl in the “SAN MARINO AEROSPACE 2023” exhibition, held from 10/25/2023 to 10/26/2023 was also made possible thanks to the contribution

PR - ERDF 2021-2027 - Priority 1 - OS 1.3 - Action 1.3.2 - Support for the internationalization of SMEs - Public notice

for the presentation of internationalization projects of SMEs through participation in international fairs which
they take place from 1 September 2023 to 30 June 2024.



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