OMICA designs and implements complex systems in every specific field of application, capable of interacting with existing equipment, completing them with the aim of maximizing their operation.

OMICA has also developed a missile tracking system (UVCTRUCK-1020170000351 01) that works using multispectral imaging techniques for informational detection, thus significantly increasing the ability to influence the threat itself.

The expertise of the people in OMICA, allows to create products and projects with high technological content where safety, privacy and performance are the guidelines.

OMICA interacts with the main brands of the defense and aerospace system.

The OMICA team, with its expertise in the Aerospace sector, is at the forefront not only in the design and implementation of geo-referenced information systems, but above all in the creation of value-added products and services based on GIS platforms.

OMICA, in addition, is able to realize the physical prototype that will allow the industrial validation and the operational application respecting all the international standards required.