SMART-LAND is the first territorial management system that, by monitoring and analyzing the different types of data that can be collected through the appropriate detection tools, offers support to operators in their daily monitoring activity by answering questions WHAT WHERE WHEN.

Supervision and safeguarding of the territory is carried out by integrating the most innovative technologies such as satellite remote sensing, in-situ monitoring with smart sensors and advanced data analysis systems based on Artificial Intelligence, oble to create interpretative models capable of profiling both the natural evolution and anomalous behaviors (alert) in almost real time in order to provide a geo-localized aid to the different decision makers in multiple application domains whose nature and structure can be measured, such as:

Critical infrastructures - Coast and Sea - Hydrogeological risk - Parks - Glaciers

SMART-LAND follows an "Open" approach that allows the integration of different technologies in the same platform, such as:

Smart sensors

to be installed in the most important points depending on the application.

Satellite images

periodically collected from different satellite systems.

Artificial Intelligence

the large amount of data that is able to generate and manage the platform is examined using complex analysis systems.

High Performance Calculation

data surveys, carried out automatically every day, generate predictive models of the studied environment.