OMICA provides intelligent systems for the management of agricultural productions that are used to increase the productivity and profitability of the land studied, providing a concrete competitive advantage for the companies that use them.

What distinguishes the OMICA product from the traditional techniques used in precision agriculture is the high level of technological innovation used, which offers the possibility of collecting data from different detection systems, making them converge into a single platform based on Cloud technology able to process them in real time in order to create geo-referenced prescription and alert maps essential for the farmer who intends to adopt the best strategy to increase the production of their land, limiting to the minimum unnecessary and harmful waste (eg VRA- Variable Rate Application).

In particular, through a system of heterogeneous data algorithms, they are aggregated and processed to extract value-added information that can be used by end users in different fields:

Land Administration

Services and information to support the administration of small, medium and large farms in the fulfillment of administrative obligations.

Plant Care

Services and information dedicated to plant health.

Soil and Crop Monitoring

Services and information dedicated to soil and crop monitoring.

 The OMICA system is based on standardized measurement methods that guarantee constancy in the truthfulness of the information so that the possibility of monitoring and analyzing georeferenced data over time is also a predictive tool for the future development of the analyzed crops.