Technological research is the fundamental element for creating innovative products and services through a process of transferring knowledge across different sectors.

OMICA provides engineering consultancy services with a high added value to all customers who are interested in bringing innovation within their companies, and, if requested, up to the development of the prototype through the following phases:

Design - Engineering - Integration and Verification - Implementation of intelligent data analysis and management systems

OMICA manufactures high-tech prototypes that involve the use of both commercial and developed components ad-hoc and the interaction with existing systems, expecially operates in: 


Development of tools and components for future space missions.


Development of high sensitivity detection systems.


Development of monitoring systems based on innovative sensors.

OMICA is also involved in industrial prototyping, in particular about systems and products for mass production and subsequent installation, which, although complex, makes it possible to verify the compliance of the final product with the initial specifications as well as to test its capacity for easy reproduction and scalability, showing in this way any changes to be made for a better result.

The prototyping also allows to accurately design and realize the production lines and standardize the processes in order to obtain final products at lower cost and greater reliability.