Technolgy and Innovative Science push the development

Technological research in the Space and Defense sector

The consolidated skills of the OMICA team are transversal and multidisciplinary and are used in a constant scientific research whose results provide continuous innovation through the technological implementation of them selves.

Implementation of intelligent management systems.

In every context in which OMICA operates, the objective is to collect, monitor, control and manage the data available through an innovative “open source” detection structure; which are used for the definition of evolutionary models to support decision-making strategies.

Application of innovative technologies

Application of innovative technologies in socio-economic, environmental and business fields. OMICA is able to operate highly technological solutions in the management of more or less complex systems in the most varied application areas.

OMICA realizes solutions suited to the real needs of the customer by developing intelligent geo-referenced information systems able to favor decisions and strategic choices; all this thanks to the integration of different detection and monitoring technologies.

Smart sensors 

Multispectral imaging techniques 

Indoor location 

Remote sensing 

The OMICA products optimize resources available and / or invested in order to produce more effective decision-making and operational solutions in terms of costs / benefits for any business and non-business activities.